So, I stopped showering?

That’s misleading. But I’ve started washing my hair less in an effort to make it healthier (another option would be cutting it but alas, a pony tail shorter than 12 inches is petrifying to me).  A few years ago I started using Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color Shine Happy, which coincidentally also lightened my hair. Which coincidentally I became obsessed with (it’s to the point where TSA agents tell me to get a new picture).

left: 2010 right: 2012

left: 2010 right: 2012

Lately I’ve been reading up on hair care and I need to be washing my hair less (seems counterproductive  but the only reason your hair produces all that oil is because it’s used to being washed every 24 hours). The type of hair you have will ultimately determine how often you need to wash it but the longer (check), thicker, more processed (check), that your hair is, the less you need to wash it.

I’m on my second skipped hair wash and haven’t even had to reach for the dry shampoo yet!