Making it Complicated

I really don’t want losing weight and getting back into shape to be any more complicated and time consuming than it has to be. Extensive menu planning, and uber detailed workout schedules totally crush my spirit. BUT! I have found that I’m obsessed with tracking my progress (it’s the nerd in me). To that end, I’ve been using the below tools over the past week ….

My Fitness Pal
This is the first time I’ve used this (had been using previously) and it’s so far been a great experience. I love seeing the progress that my friends are making as it motivates me to keep on going. The database of foods is expansive and I haven’t yet eaten something that wasn’t listed. There is an option to let you scan the barcode of your food (unfortunately apples don’t come with such things) but if you’re eating a lot of pre-made food I could see how it would be a great resource for quickly adding in your meals. Still haven’t decided if I prefer this to so I want to give it a little more time.

Joe’s Goals
This one is fun! You put in you’re goals and then you check yes or no on each day to keep track of you doing it. There is no 50% check, or kinda sorta. Then it keeps track of how many yes’s you have. Knowing that I’ll break the chain is sometimes enough motivation to get my butt up and do whatever it is that I’ve promised myself I would!

This is an app on my phone that tracks my speed/distance. It also tells you how many calories you’ve burned but it seems to be a very high estimate to me so I don’t usually take it to mean too much.  Running in the city means not being able to really plan out a run (sometimes you get stopped at every red light!) so I mostly head off in a direction and go where the traffic lights take me.
With the combo of the above I feel like I’m well on my way to getting where I want to be!


literally, where I want to be.